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    Full Time Registered Dietitian - Family HealthCare Network, Porterville site
    Posted 4.1.15
    Registered Dietitians are responsible for the following:
    -Direct provision of nutrition services
    -Providing excellent customer service and care
    -Patient status as measured by relevant clinic quality measures
    -Assisting the patient care team with performance improvement efforts, staff education, and quality improvement
    -Assisting in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational programs for the medical staff

    Possesses specific advanced knowledge skills, including written and verbal communications skills, computational, computer and technical skills, and mathematical knowledge frequently acquired through completion of a Bachelor's Degree program with a recognized major. Performance of the duties and responsibilities of the job requires the equivalent of formal training usually in the form of a major in dietetics or nutritional services as part of a Bachelor's Degree program. Job duties require an understanding of the trade/profession at a level that allows the employee to select methods for others to use (from those already in existence in the profession). Ability to prepare more complex documents in Microsoft Word, including creating tables, charts, graphs and other elements. Ability to use Microsoft Excel to analyze data, including the use of formulas, functions, lookup tables and other standard spreadsheet elements. Ability to develop sophisticated presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint, including the use of embedded objects, transitions and other elements.
    Licenses and Certifications: Certified as a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetic Educator(CDE) strongly desired

    For more information on applying, please call or email, Human Resources Specialist: Alma Robles
    Phone: (559) 737-4740
    Registered Dietitian - Family Health Centers of San Diego
    Posted 3.17.15
    As a Registered Dietitian for Family Health Centers of San Diego, you provide individual nutrition assessment, education, and care plans for our patients. You participate in and support individual, family, and group nutrition/chronic disease education services by creating culturally and linguistically appropriate curriculums, planning programs, delivering education, and evaluating effectiveness.
    You have a passion for community health promotion, for serving the medically underserved, and you understand-and can easily communicate-how nutrition drives patient health and outcomes.
    You also serve as a resource for the Health Education Staff, especially in regards to Academy of Nnutrition and Dietetics.
    We are looking to hire a Registered Dietitian (bilingual Spanish). Interested applicants can go to the CAREERS page of our company Website:
    Fredericka Manor | Full-Time RD - Registered Dietitian
    Posted 3.17.15
    2-4 Years long term care experience and RD required.
    Assists the Director of Dining Services with the coordination of skilled nursing and assisted living dining services by monitoring resident diets by performing the following functions:
    • Completes initial and follow-up resident nutrition assessments and MDS.
    • Works with the dining services team to ensure compliance with all Department of Health Service Requirements:modified diets are followed, appropriate in services are up to date, sanitation audits of the kitchen are completed and medical records charting is complete.
    • Reviews residents charts to verify any special diet that has been ordered or any possible medical contraindications with diet/food served.
    • Works in conjunction with Care Center staff to ensure that residents' diets and health needs have been addressed and satisfied.
    • Attends Care Plan, IDT, weight variance team and skin care meetings to discuss resident's progress, health concerns.
    • Makes adjustment in quantity or content of meals, in accordance with the nutritional requirements of each resident.
    • Hires, trains, evaluates and disciplines Registered Dietetic Technicians.
    • Provide input on hiring, evaluations and disciplining for Dietetic Supervisors and food service workers. Keeps Director of Dining Services informed as needed regarding personnel issues.
    • Instructs the above personnel in foods to be served to residents on therapeutic diets.
    • Completes quality assurance audits and develops action plans to improve the nutritional care of the residents.
    Please apply in person at: Fredericka Manor, 183 Third Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910.
    Fredericka Manor is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
    The Arc of San Diego | Consulting Registered Dietitian (20hrs/wk)
    Posted 3.17.15
    As a consultant dietitian you will work with 12 group homes for people with disabilities approximately 20 hours per month.
    Job Duties:
    • Contractor shall ensure that group home residents maintain body weights and lab levels considered acceptable for their age, height, body type and clinical condition.
    • Contractor shall evaluate and provide written summary/recommendations for each new group home resident within thirty (30) days of admission.
    • Contractor shall meet with the group home Administrator and/or Residential House Supervisors, on a quarterly basis, to design menus (including the average portion size for all menu items) specifically tailored to meet the tastes and needs of each individual group home. If needed, Contractor shall supply the group home with recipes for menu items.
    • Contractor shall ensure that the consumer diet is prepared in accordance with the latest edition of the recommended dietary allowances of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, adjusted for age, sex, disability and activity.
    • Contractor shall regularly review consumer medical charts for doctor's orders related to "modified and specially-prescribed diets" and make menu alterations as necessary.
    • Contractor shall review regularly consumer medical charts to monitor consumer weight fluctuations and actively assess dietary needs.
    • Contractor shall draft consult notes for review by group home Administrator and Facility R.N., and placement in consumer medical charts.
    • Contractor shall perform as needed in-services on menus, portion control, modified diets or any other topic relevant to dietary services.
    • Consultant inspect each group home's kitchen and review/certify menus on a quarterly basis.
    • Consultant shall be available to answer questions during annual Fundamental Surveys performed by the California Department of Public Health.
    Any interested parties should send their resume directly to the Director of Operations: Community Living Services, Joe Tontodonato at
    Villa Las Palmas Health Care Center | Full Time Dietetic Technician or Part Time Dietitian
    Updated 3.03.15
    Seeking full time Registered Dietetic technician or part time RD in LTC to assist RD with conducting nutrient analysis and data collection. you can contact Selwa at
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