Board Participation

If you are interested in getting more involved, consider getting involved with the BADA board which does work in the following categories:

Community Nutrition

Responding to requests from the community for our professionals’ participation in local events and implements programs and activities sponsored by our organization, including National Nutrition Month events.


Planning and implementing fundraising activities to generate operating funds.


Representing the organization’s interest in legislation and public policy issues. Objectives are two-fold: to affect legislation and public policy issues defined by the CDA and BADA Executive Board and to alert members of the profession, the public, the government and its agencies to the needs for policy or legislation related to dietetics and nutrition.


Recruiting members for all membership categories, providing prospective members with information on membership benefits, maintaining current roster, providing mailing labels to interested parties and developing the Membership Directory.


Identifying and recruiting prospective mentors and mentees and coordinating matches.

Program Planning

Planning and coordinating general meetings for our members, including continuing education events.

Healthcare Reimbursement Committee

Keeping the membership informed about Medical Nutrition Therapy reimbursement issues.

Speakers’ Bureau

Coordinating speakers for organizations who request professionals to lecture on nutrition issues.