Board Participation

Open Board Positions Available:

BADA is looking for motivated individuals who want to get involved with the board at various levels of involvement. If interested, please email us at and/or join us for a board meeting. Positions are available to board members, if you have not renewed for the 2019-2020 year, click here. 


Sponsorship Chair 

The Sponsorship Chair is responsible for developing relationships with groups, companies, and individuals which may be interested in providing sponsorship funding and advertising to BADA. The Chair will establish a sponsorship program for BADA; defining the levels of sponsorship associated with the amount of donations; and developing, approaching, and getting both sponsors and event donations for BADA. The key responsibilities of this position are: 

  • Create a strategy, in partnership with the Executive Board (or Sponsorship committee?), to reach the sponsorship goal.
  • Handles inquiries from prospective sponsors and/or advertisers.
  • Establish guidelines to evaluate potential sponsorship and advertisement opportunities.
  • Develop a prospectus outlining all the sponsorship opportunities, cost and deliverables.
  • Ensures compliance to BADA's Sponsorship Policy. Revises policy as needed, upon approval of the Executive Board.
  • Launches periodic initiatives to pursue advertising opportunities and recruit new sponsors. Develops sponsorship letter(s) to be sent to all prospective sponsors.
  • Obtaining electronic images/logos and/or advertisements from sponsors to be used in promotions and communications (i.e. electronic newsletters, website, social media channels, etc.)
  • Working with the Communications Chair to ensure the sponsors' logos and/or advertisements are available in a timely manner to support the development of communications.
  • Receiving sponsorship funds and transferring them to the Treasurer.
  • Follow-up after thanking all sponsors personally for their support.


Communications Chair back-up

Our Communications Chair will be leaving us in a few months, and we are looking for someone to replace them. The Communication Chair heads the Communication team with the Website and Social Media Chairs to communicate with BADA members. The Communication Chair is responsible in coordinating annoucements between social media, our website and newsletters. The Communication Chair writes the monthly newsletter, updates events, and job postings for members. 


Social Media Chair

The Social Media Chair is a new position that is well suited to a creative BADA member who is also savvy in social media. They are responsible for creating graphics and content for BADA’s (officially CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Bay Area District) social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A Canva account under the official email will be used to create and store images and graphics as needed. 

General expectations will be to post consistently with a goal of 3 times per week as able. Content for posts include advertisement of BADA events, board meetings, awards, elections, as well as highlighting activities BADA does in the community.. Other content is up to the Social Media Chair and may include, but not limited to, member highlights, re-posting CA Academy or Eatight posts, other members’ instagram/blogs, etc. 

It is also encouraged, though not required, to attend events as able to take and post pictures. This may also be assigned to other Executive Board members when unable to attend. Pictures may be acquired from other BADA members for posting. 

The Social Media chair will work under the Communications Chair and along with the Website Chair for posting content across all online avenues, as well as consistency with branding and graphics. CA Academy has a social media code of conduct we are required to follow, but much of the content would realted to BADA events or to be determined by the Social Media Chair. 

Website Chair

The Website Chair works under the Communications Chair along with the Social Media Chair for maintaining and updating the website as needed. Other responsibilities include updating registration for events BADA holds. There is a Website Manual that guides the Chair how to use the website. It is a very user-friendly interface and does not require special training in website design. 


Interested in serving in other positions for next term (June 2020 - May 2021)?

Open elected positions include: 




Communications Chair

Nominating Chair

Events Chair

Public Policy Representative


Open appointed positions include: 

Website Chair

Sponsorship Chair

Nominating Committee

Events Committee