About Diablo Valley


Welcome to Diablo Valley 

Welcome to the Diablo Valley District of the California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics! We are a local professional organization serving Solano and Contra Costa counties and consisting of Registered Dietitians/Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RD/RDNs), Nutrition Dietetic Technicians, Registered (NDTRs), dietetic interns, and nutrition students.

Our goal is to support the expanding field of dietetics through health and wellness to the community, medical nutrition therapy to patients and clients, providing evidence-based continuing education and networking opportunities for our members and advocating for the advancement of the field through public policy efforts.


Message from the President

Welcome back CAND DVD Members! 

I fell in love with the overwhelming amount of opportunities the dietetics world has to offer from the very beginning. Ever since my first step into Nutrition 101 at San Diego State University to exploring my love for food and cooking during my study abroad experience in Barcelona, I knew this was the world I forever wanted to spend my life cultivating and exploring.  Even in the very beginnings of my career, I wish to show my love and respect for this profession by getting involved with fellow dietitians during my DVD presidency. I hope to meet every single one of you and hear your inspirational stories of how you got to be where you are today. I have the honor of serving all of you as the 2018-2019 Diablo Valley District and President! 

There are so many generous people who have helped me so much already ever since I agreed to taking on my position as President Elect. Starting with my amazing professors at San Diego State University who instilled in me the confidence to reach for the stars. As well as all of my Dietetic Internship preceptors, Eugene Wong, Sophia Talbot, Candice Poon and Brenda Fonacier, they taught me to never be disgruntled when one door closes because another opportunity will always come knocking. Thank you to my mentor and past president, Diana Urcuyo, who has supported me through every step of this journey in DVD and has inspired me to gain the confidence to stand before you all today. My largest Thank You I want to express is to all of the DVD members and my Executive Board Members that have consistently attended CEU meetings and social events. I hope all of the things you want to see from this organization will be granted to you within this next year. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity and honor to serve you!

I am very excited for what we have in store for this new year to come and I hope you are looking forward to new positive changes as well.  Not only is there an amazing group as our Executive Board for this year but of course we cannot forget the council members and district leaders that are behind the scenes working hard to support and keep our profession highly acknowledged and respected by all.  

Membership dues are our largest source of revenue and we use those funds to provide services and benefits to our DVD members. The Executive Board is committed to expanding member services and benefits so please always don't be afraid to tell us ideas of ways to better our district. I look forward to a great year!


Jackie Lennett