Public Policy Workshop 2019: Are You Ready?

  • Webinar
  • Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Public Policy Workshop: January 22, 2019  7 PM (Pacific)

CPEU:  1 unit (Live Webinar Only)

Speaker: Steven Blankenship, RDN
Public Policy Coordinator, California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Overview: “Public Policy Workshop 2019: Are you ready?” is the second webinar in the CA Academy Webinar Education public policy series designed for attendees of  Public Policy Workshop (CANDPPW19, March 11, 2019). The objectives of this webinar include describing the California legislative process, identifying nutrition-related committees in the California legislature, and how to effectively communicate with legislators during the PPW afternoon meetings. We want to illustrate how easy it is to lower the barrier to entry into the grassroots political process, which is now increasingly more important than ever in our current political environment.

Learning Objectives: (Learning Codes:  1080, 1130, 7200)

  1. Describe California’s legislative structure relevant to Public Policy Workshop
  2. Identify pertinent nutrition-related committees
  3. Summarize strategies for effective communication with legislators

 Performance Indictors:

  • 2.1.3:  Tailors message to meet the needs of the target audience
  • 3.2.1:  Advocates for and participates in activities that support the advancement of the profession
  • 3.2.6:  Communicates with policymakers to influence a decision that impacts the advancement of the profession