Mentor Program


LAD Mentoring Program Kick-Off!


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” 

— Oprah Winfrey


Los Angeles dietitians are talented, smart, well- connected professionals and we have a lot to offer each other and “RDN’s to be” in our community! We are proud to introduce our new LAD Mentoring Program!


The LAD Annual Conference is our kick-off and we have a prize drawing to incentivize your involvement. We are also looking for our next LAD Student Mentee to join the executive board. Details below!


What is the LAD Mentoring Program?


The program gives our credentialed members a format to make it easy for you to “pay it forward” and offer colleagues as well as RDN’s in training the benefit of your experience to help move their careers forward.


For students, interns and our member RDN’s in need of guidance -we offer connections. We introduce you to LAD dietitians that offer the guidance, advice, experiences and rotations you need to launch or support your career.


Who is the Program For ?


* RDNs looking for advice on a new career area.

* Students needing to shadow an RDN as part of an undergraduate assignment.

* Dietetic Interns looking for a preceptor in a specialty practice area.



Current Dietitians, have you been wondering about a career change?


The beauty of the dietetics profession is the versatility of the credential. You can work clinically, inpatient or in an outpatient setting, private practice, food service, research, community health, the possibilities are endless! 


It’s hard to choose which route to take, and sometimes we take a career direction that was a great idea at the time, but now we find it just isn’t what we are as passionate about.  Ready for a change, but want an insiders perspective on a different practice area?


We’ll connect you with an RDN Career Coach who will offer you a free 30-minute phone coaching session and give you more information about their particular practice area.


We have RDN Career Coaches available to speak with you on how to start a new career direction in:


* pediatrics    * private practice  * functional nutrition  * research 


*public health/community nutrition  * business consulting 


* more to be added as program grows.



Students, are you an undergrad wanting to shadow an RD & see what it’s like?


Often undergraduate classes requires shadowing an RD for 1-3 days.  We can help connect you with an “RDN Mini Mentorship” in a particular practice area, so you can learn more about how a “day in the life” of an RDN goes.


Interns, are you scheduling a specific rotation and need help?


With the increasing amount of distance programs for dietetic interns comes the issue of needing to find your own preceptors, which can be tough! The LAD Mentoring Program can email RDNs in particular practice areas and help you with your search.


Announcement!  We are looking for our next LAD Student Mentee!


The LAD Student Mentee is a current Dietetics student or intern, selected by the LAD Board to participate in board member activities for one year. It’s a great opportunity for a student to learn more about LAD leadership. Looks great on a resume!


To apply, please contact Lauree Bradley at 



This is Awesome! I’m a member and I’d like to help! What can I do?


We are currently seeking Preceptors, RDN Career Coaches and Mini Mentors at our LAD Kick-Off. 

Mentors, sign up to be contacted and you will be entered in a drawing to win a $50 Sprouts gift card!! Click here


Even if you have If you have volunteered in the past as a Career Guidance RD, please sign up again to enter the prize drive, we need to make sure all info is updated!




Mini Mentors: Host a one to three day shadowing experience for a future dietitian.

Time commitment: 2-3 days in the entire year.


RD Career Coaches: Have one 30 minute phone call with a current RD or RDN.

Time Commitment: Two to three 30 minute phone calls per month, scheduled around your availability.


Preceptors: Host a dietetic intern completing an internship rotation at your place of work.

Time Commitment: 1-4 weeks, varies with each intern, but can be created to fit your schedule.



Ready to make a difference in a fellow colleague or students life?  


 Please join us in helping members of our community ready for a career change or a student eager for someone to look up to as they create their career path. It feels good to give back and helps elevate our profession so we all succeed.


Questions or feedback on the new program?  Nicole Fox, LAD Career Guidance Chair would love to hear from you! Email her at