Welcome to the CAND-Orange District


As an active member of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) and California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (CAND), you are invited to join CAND-Orange District (OD). We are your local dietetic association. Each year we reach out to professionals like you as part of our Membership Campaign to request and encourage your support in continuing to provide you and other dietetics professionals with opportunities to network and develop knowledge and expertise. CAND-Orange District is a non-profit organization and we depend on your membership and contributions since we do not receive any funds from either state or national organizations.

Many great dietetic professionals generously donate their time and talent to CAND-OD, making this a dynamic and successful organization. Thank you to all the professionals who volunteer time to CAND-OD.

VOTE in the CAND-OD Elections today until February 15th!! 

Log in by using your username/password to cast your votes today by clicking here  

CAND-OD elections will run from Feb 1- Feb 15th. We are calling on all members to consider joining the board to help shape the future of our organization and strengthen the ties to our membership base and larger community. We are seeking motivated, dependable and creative people to join us and help us accomplish our vision and goals for the years ahead. We encourage you to vote in the AND elections as well! If you would like to be considered for a position or you would like more information please email rachaeloneillrd@gmail.com or shelby.yaceczko@gmail.com.

Available positions:

·         President-Elect (3 yr term)

·         Newsletter co-editor

·         Fundraising committee

·         Planning committee

·         Hospitality committee

·         Volunteer coordinator

·         Membership chair

·         Professional Mentorship committee