2019-2020 Awards 

WHO Best Exemplifies Those in Our Profession? WHO Are Our Outstanding Students?


The Awards were presented at the 2020 CA Academy Annual Conference in Riverside, CA (April 16-18, 2020).


Congratulations to CA Academy & Academy 2019-2020 Award Recipients

The Envelope Please!
The 2019-2020 CAND/AND award recipients have been announced! Our thanks to all who compiled and submitted award packets and those who wrote letters of recommendation. While all of the candidates were deserving of the awards, only those listed below were chosen for recognition this year.

And the winners are…

2019-2020 Member Awards

CA Academy's HIGHEST AWARD – Dolores Nyhus Memorial Award

Rory C. Pace, MPH, RD, FAND

Distinguished Service Award

Eva Brzezinski, MS, RD, CDE

Excellence in Community Nutrition 

Marueen Bligh, MA, RD

Excellence in Education

Karmen Ovsepyan, MS, RDN

Excellence in Private Practice, Business, Communication

Carol Berg Sloan, RDN, FAND

Carol Hayes Torio Excellence in Management

Kristine M. Smith, MS, RD 

Excellence in Technical Practice

Avtar Nijjer-Sidhu

Meritorious Service Award (Non-Member) 

The Humane Society of the United States c/o Lauren Pitts, MA, RD

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

AND AWARD – Outstanding Dietitian of the Year

Rory C. Pace, MPH, RD, FAND

Emerging Dietetic Leader

David A. Wiss 

Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year

Silva Bou Mjahed, RD – Silicon Valley District

Marisol Ortiz, MS, RDN – Orange District

Kelly Warner, MPH, RD – Los Angeles District

Outstanding Dietetic Student – Dietetic Internship

Jacqueline Burke 

Jessica M. Gutierrez

Outstanding Dietetic Student – Coordinated Program

Ranier Castillo 

2020 Awardee Biographical Information