Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the Scholarship and Howe Award winners!

The Foundation proudly announces the 2017-2018 Scholarship Award winners. There were 16 Scholarships ($2000 each) provided to students and one Howe Award.

And the winners are…..

Dolores Nyhus Graduate Fellowship Fund
Sara Houseman, RD – San Jose State University
Crystal Vasquez, MS, RD – Rutger University

Carol Hayes Torio Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship
Jaime Tlaxcalteco – San Jose State University

Carol Hayes Torio Memorial Diet Technician Scholarship
Brianna Crouch, DTR - Iowa State University Distance Program

Jacqueline Saracino Scholarship
Corinne Worland, BS, NDTR – Meredith College
Emily Rotenberg – University of Northern Colorado

Diversity Scholarship
John Lew – University of Southern California
Ekinadoese Salami – California State University Los Angeles

Consultant Dietitians (CDC) Scholarship
Maedbh Lillis – San Francisco State University
Delacey Foster – California State University San Bernardino

Corrine Williams Scholarship
Danielle Davidson – San Francisco State University
Sara Rima – California State University Fresno

Kara Freeman Leadership Scholarship
Pey-lih Littler – California State State University San Bernardino
Kathleen Anderson, BS - Loma Linda University

Back to School for Master's Degree Scholarship
Beth Cordova, BS, RD – California State University Long Beach
Marissa Thiry, RD - Boston University Metropolitan College

Dorothy Chen-Maynard Annual Award
Crystal Vasquez, MS, RD - Rutger University

Phyllis S. Howe Under-Graduate Scholarship
Robert Tapia - California State University, Fresno