The CA Academy Delegates Council meets annually with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' House of Delegates (HOD).  The HOD is the voice of members. Separate from the Board of Directors (who governs the Academy), the House governs the profession and develops policy on major professional issues. Academy staff implements decisions made by both the HOD and Board of Directors.

Delegates Council initiates proactive two-way communication on issues affecting the profession. This council contributes to HOD discussions by gathering and sharing CA Academy member feedback. The HOD is also a forum for leadership development, fostering members for leadership opportunities within the Academy. The future of the profession relies on the contribution of members like you. Volunteer leaders are the mainstay of the organization. You can join the Delegate Council by becoming a VIP (Valuable Information Provider).

Who makes up the House of Delegates?

The House of Delegates (HOD) includes a total number of 105 delegates:

  • 6 House Leadership Team Members (HLT) — includes the Speaker, Speaker-elect, and immediate Past-Speaker, and 3 HOD Directors, elected by membership. They are also members of the Academy Board of Directors (BOD).
  • 67 Affiliate Delegates — elected by members of the 53 affiliate dietetic associations.
  • 25 Dietetic Practice Group Delegates — elected by DPG membership and represent the specific DPG from which they are elected/appointed.
  • 7 At-Large Delegates
    • one delegate representing NDEP (elected by NDEP members)
    • one delegate representing student members (appointed by the Academy President-elect and Speaker-elect)
    • one delegate representing NDTRs (elected by Academy members),
    • one delegate representing retired members (elected by Academy members)
    • one delegate representing members under 30 years of age (elected by Academy members).
    • *one delegate representing ACEND (appointed by ACEND)
    • *one delegate representing CDR (appointed by CDR)

*Non-voting delegates

View the Governing Structure Infographic for a visual representation of the differences between the Academy House of Delegates and the Board of Directors.