CA Academy  Education Council
The Education Council supports the efforts and interests of California dietetic educators as well as students and interns who will be future RDs/RDNs and DTRs. To volunteer with the Education Council email  VP Education.

Education Council Members

Wendy Buchan

VP Education, 2018-2019
Wendy Buchan, PhD, RDN


VP Education, 2019-2020
Karmen Ovsepyan, MS, RDN

Delegate Representative
Joanne Graham, PhD, RD

Represents Dietetic Internship
Wanda Siu-Chan, MS, RDN

Represents UC System (DPD)
Joan Frank, MS, RDN

Represents Private University System (DPD)
Cindy Swann, MS, RD

Student Representative
Justin Ho, BS

Represents the CSU System (DPD)
Position Open

Represents Community College (DTR)
Position Open

Student Professional Goals:
How to Become an RD/RDN (Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist)
How to Become a NDTR (Dietetic Technician, Registered)
International Students

The Types of Nutrition Programs:
Dietetic Internships
Didactic Programs in Dietetics
Coordinated Programs in Dietetics
Dietetic Technician Programs