Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, DrPH, MS, RD

Nominating Committee Member 

Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, DrPH, MS, RD 

Residence: Redondo Beach 

Education: Doctor of Public Health, Loma Linda University 

Internship: California State University, Los Angeles - Coordinated Dietetics Program

Professional Experience: 

  •  Nutrition Research Clinical Investigator, Amway/Nutrilite (2 years) 
  • Adjunct Profession, Mt. San Antonio Community College (5 years) 
  • Registered Dietitian and Wellness Specialist, Capital Brands (NutriBullet) (3 years) 

Leadership Expereince : 


  • AND Committee for Lifelong Learning (member, 2014-17 years)
  • Council on Research Survey Review Subcommittee (member, 201819)
  • Research DPG Awards Committee (non-board member, 2019-22)

Mission Statement: Dietitians are making great strides in the food and nutrition industry. I am passionate about championing dietitians who advance our profession in creative and effective ways. I am proud of my RD credential and committed to promoting our credentials when possible. As a nominating committee member, I envision using my research, project management, and leadership skills to clearly community, efficiently organize, and positively engage with our California members to highlight their work and community engagement.

Additional Information: 

Dr. Gigi Kwok-Hinsley is currently a Nutrition Research Scientist at Nutrilite and an adjunct professor at Mt San Antonio Community College in Southern California. In the past, she worked for NutriBullet, the Veteran Affairs Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente as a registered dietitian, a researcher, and a health educator, respectively.  In addition to her work, she has contributed to the Los Angeles District Dietetic Association executive board (2008-2013) and served on the Committee for Lifelong Learning with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (2015-2017) where she evaluated and developed FNCE sessions. Currently, she is serving as an Awards Committee Member for the Research Dietetic Practice Group and as a member of the Council on Research’s Survey Review Subcommittee. Closer to home, she is working with Beach Cities Health District to align California State standards to the Redondo Beach School District curriculum to enable the facilitation of daily health education while maintaining Alliance for Healthier Generation Healthy School standards.  She is very proud of her RD credential and amazed by the impact that Dietitians have made in a variety of nutrition-related areas. Gigi is consistently motivated by the work dietitians are doing and uses the motivation to improve her community, the nutrition profession, and her day-to-day work. Her goal as a Nominating Committee member is to support, to highlight, and to be a champion of the great work Californian dietitians are doing so we continue to rise as the food and nutrition leaders.