President's Message

President, 2019-2020 

Nancy Banda, MHA, RDN

July 1, 2019 

President’s Message!

Ask ten people to name their favorite food moment and you will get ten different answers!  And all answers will involve good food, good times and a wonderful bonding of people.  Who better to fit that profile than each one of you as Registered Dietitian Nutritionists! 

Having grown up on a farm in rural Minnesota, I learned the concept of Farm to Table very early on. And the Farmer’s Market during summer months meant going to the garden to get fresh vegetables and fruit and preparing it for lunch.   The “thunk” of a ripe watermelon, the flavor of a just-plucked-from-the vine heirloom tomato, or the feeling of an ear of sweet corn for firm kernels to the end of the ear is a wonderful reminder of those early years.   I grew to love the early morning hours as I set my goals for the day. Before school I had chores to do so planning and organizing was important to getting to school on time.  Anxiety, frustration, and intolerance had no practical application when dealing with farm animals.  Remaining focused, patient, and calm was key to getting out the door and having a good day at school. 

I became familiar with the role of a dietitian as our veterinarian was married to a dietitian, whom I absolutely idolized.  I credit Marian Franz, RD (retired) for mentoring and guiding me to the profession as a dietitian.  During college years, I spent summers conducting microbiology research at the Hormel Foods Research Institute.  Testing food samples to ensure no bacteria in various meats gave me a thorough understanding of the importance of research and food safety.  As I came to realize my love for food and for helping people, I was so excited with my first job as a Registered Dietitian working at the Mayo Clinic.  It was then, however, that I realized that I preferred my evening job at an upscale restaurant over outpatient clinical practice. So, I quickly transitioned to leadership in healthcare food and nutrition services.

It is my passion for volunteerism that has provided opportunities to learn and grow while enriching my life through relationships and connections with many like-minded people.  Mentoring others and networking has been key to my success.  Volunteerism continues to provide much satisfaction and opportunity to mentor others.  There are so many valuable experiences and contacts as a result of volunteering.  Volunteerism truly empowers Registered Dietitian Nutritionists in all practice areas to work together toward the goal of improving the lives of Californians!

I am so excited to share that our Executive Board has an incredibly busy year planned.  Together with the Executive Board, Council members and District Leaders are working together towards a better tomorrow for California Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Dietetic Technicians in all practice areas.

As a result of Member surveys you have shared what you wish for as a professional and we will:

  • Continue to offer webinars throughout the year with hot topics that are key to professional development and personal growth from the convenience of your home or office.
  • Develop and present legislation for licensure when the timing is right.
  • Executive Board members are committed to attending a minimum of one district meeting for each of the ten districts in California. We are committed to engaging all members as we move together towards tomorrow!
  • Conduct business in the most efficient and sustainable way possible through the use of technology, resources, and best practice standards.
  • Provide you with current information through our social media channels and website
  • Save the date for CANDAC 2020 our premier nutrition profession event to be held April 16-18, 2020 in Riverside, CA!



Nancy Banda, MHA, RDN