Advocacy and Public Policy

California Academy Public Policy Council Members 

The Public Policy Council  represents the members in legislative, regulatory and reimbursement issues related to the dietetics profession.  To volunteer with the Public Policy Council email VP Public Policy.

Vice President Public Policy 
Brenda O'Day, MS, RD, CNSC
Oversees and coordinates all activities of the Public Policy Council; member of the California AcademyExecutive Board.

 Public Policy Coordinator (Federal + State Issues)
Michelle Katz, MS, RD
Organizes grassroots efforts with the Academy and the California Academy's participation in pertinent federal legislative activities related to food and nutrition; engages members for action alerts on federal legislation; leads delegation to Advocacy Summit Events.

 Consumer Protection and Licensure Coordinators
Karissa Bouchie, RD, CDE, FAND and Resource: Pat Booth, MS, RDN, FADA
Works on profession-related issues, such as scope of practice and licensure.


Nadine Braunstein, RD

Christina Patron, RDN

State Legislation Coordinators

Jenna Fahle, RD 

Catherine Howard, RD

Legislative Ambassador Coordinator

Vanessa Millovich, DCN, RDN, CDN 

 Student Club Liaisons

Kayla Graham 

Nneka Omekam

DPG Consultants to Public Policy Council

Jessica Lowe, MPH, RDN, CSP (Pediatrics)

Danica Cowan, RD (Integrative & Functional Medicine)

 District Public Policy Representatives

Bay Area District 

Rosavida Cruz, RDN

Northern Area District 

Joey Miller, MPH, RDN 

Michelle Casias, RDN

Coastal Tri-Counties District 

Fiona McKiernan, MS, RDN, CSG

Los Angeles District                                                                                                                                                     

Jocelyn Harrison, MPH, RD

Kelsey Kettell, RDN

Katie Rawson, MPH, RDN

San Diego District 
Ann Lake, MS, RDN, CNSD 

Kara Sansone, MS, RD

Central Valley District 

Jackie Burke

Silicon Valley District 
Alice Fagundes, RDN

Orange District 

Erika Theide, MS, RDN, CSSD

Diablo Valley District 

Anthony Co

Inland Empire District 
Sarah Tomlinson