Advocacy Summit


Theme: Moving Forward Together

The 2020 CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Advocacy Summit will be held on March 9th in Sacramento, CA.

Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel - 1230 J St., Sacramento, California 95814 USA

Public Policy Council announces a new approach to advocacy!

We will be focusing on the grassroots and local efforts this year. There will be a series of Advocacy Summits (formally known as PPW) to reach our districts and build rapport with our local legislators. This may help with your yearly planning of events, note that districts are more than welcome to hold additional events to connect with legislators. 

 Two regional sessions will be held March 7th in Bay Area District and April 17th at CANDAC20, where advocates will participate in a two hour information session followed by connecting in their own districts with local leaders by May 31, 2019.

 On March 9th - 50 advocates will join efforts in Sacramento participating in an information session, followed by meetings with legislators at the capitol. This will be in place of the traditional CANDPPW event. 

Registration will be begin January 1, 2020 and end March 1, 2020.

 Our goal is to reach out to as many legislators and their staff on a local level and create relationships to support ongoing legislation and as we begin the journey to a licensure bill. We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!



  • Develop and hone your public policy skills
  • Hear from prestigious speakers focused on the evolving public policy landscape in California
  • Improve communication skills through reality-based educational opportunities
  • Network and hear from other grassroots leaders
  • Provide a new opportunity for professional development and management practices

 RD/RDNs, NDTR/DTRs, Students, Dietetic Interns and others are invited to attend this policy workshop.

Attendee Meeting Information (download documents prior to meeting)

  1. Workshop Agenda 

  2.  District Legislative Info (by District)

    Bay Area District ASM SEN Committees
    Northern Area District ASM SEN Committees
    Coastal Tri-County District ASM SEN Committees
    Los Angeles District ASM SEN Committees
    San Diego District ASM SEN Committees
    Central Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Silicon Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Orange District District ASM SEN Committees
    Diablo Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Inland District ASM SEN Committees

  3.  Workshop Prep Documents

     Basic CA Professional Licensure Facts
     Licensure Updates
     Impact of RDN Infographic
     Malnutrition Article
     Nutrition 101 Webinar
     Storytelling for Advocacy Worksheet PPW Script 2019
     PPW Script 2019
    CA Academy Monitored Legislation 2019-2020