Advocacy Summit



Public Policy Council Grassroots Movement to Support Dietetics Professionals in California 

We will be focusing on the grassroots and local efforts this year. There will be a series of Advocacy Summits (formally known as PPW) to reach our districts and build rapport with our local legislators. This may help with your yearly planning of events, note that districts are more than welcome to hold additional events to connect with legislators. 

For information on hosting an Advocacy Summit for your team, please contact us at for more informaiton. 

Hosting Fees:  Virtual Session $250   In-person up to 20 attendees $500/21 plus $750 


  • Develop and hone your public policy skills
  • Hear from prestigious speakers focused on the evolving public policy landscape in California
  • Improve communication skills through reality-based educational opportunities
  • Network and hear from other grassroots leaders
  • Provide a new opportunity for professional development and management practices

Advocacy Summit Samples

  1. Advocacy Summit Agenda  
  2. Advocacy Summit PPT 
  3.  District Legislative Info (by District)

    Bay Area District ASM SEN Committees
    Northern Area District ASM SEN Committees
    Coastal Tri-County District ASM SEN Committees
    Los Angeles District ASM SEN Committees
    San Diego District ASM SEN Committees
    Central Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Silicon Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Orange District District ASM SEN Committees
    Diablo Valley District ASM SEN Committees
    Inland District ASM SEN Committees
  4.  Workshop Prep Documents
    Advocacy Summit Sample Script
    CA Professional Licensure Facts January 2020
    Licensure Updates                                                                                                                                                                                                             
     Malnutrition Article
     Nutrition 101 Webinar                             
    CA Academy Monitored Legislation 20-21
    Advocacy Summit 2020 Tracking       
  5. LAD Webinar on Legislation                                                                                                                                                           
  6. Legislator Leave Behind 
  7. Impact of RDN Infographic
    Update March 2, 2020 (check back for further updates)