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Webinar Speakers & Proposals

The California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is requesting proposals from speakers for our webinar education program. Content should be based on the latest research with practical applications related to clinical, community, food service, education, public policy, consulting, private practice/ entrepreneurship, and professional communication. We are seeking speakers with new research-based content to share with our webinar attendees.  

 All proposals must be submitted through a request for proposal (RFP) online process. We will be accepting submissions ongoing throughout the year and during the Annual Conference RFP selection process.  Webinars will be hosted though the CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website and all webinars will be recorded and available to purchase after the original live broadcast. Webinars may be sponsored or non-sponsored. All sponsored webinars must follow the CA Academy Sponsorship Policy Guidelines

For more information on the proposal process, guidelines, webinar areas of interest, and proposal requirements.

 Submit an education proposal to lead a webinar program